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Key deals of the week (July 27 - August 2)

Air traffic in the world is gradually being restored. In March 2020, the daily number of flights was about 175,000. In April, this figure almost halved. Now, according to Flightradar24, a little less than 150,000 flights are made per day. However, the number of commercial traffic is growing at a slower pace.

The manufacturing sector is also showing growth. For example, the IHS Markit purchasing managers' index in Spain rose from 49 points in June to 53.5 in July. Most of the managers reported an improvement over the previous month. Also, this index showed a significant increase in Italy (51.9 points in July against 47.5 in June).

Another indicator showing the growth of activity in the world is the level of carbon dioxide emissions. Air pollution dropped significantly during lockdown due to plant closures, travel restrictions, etc. However, as countries return to their usual rhythm of life, the volume of carbon dioxide emissions increases.

The increase in the number of visits to restaurants and other entertainment venues continues. In Sweden, for example, this indicator even exceeded the level of January-February 2020. In countries such as Germany, France, Japan and Italy, there is a slight deviation from the baseline.

Small deals (up to $ 15 million)


• July 27, 2020. Pyn, a platform developer for more effective communication within the company, raised $ 2 million from Accel, Skip Capital and others. Pyn integrates with various client systems (Slack, Gmail, Salesforce, etc.). In addition to communication between employees, Pyn sends out the necessary information if, for example, a person is promoted or goes on vacation. The company was founded in 2019.

Low-code tools

• July 28, 2020. Paragon, a developer of the application integration platform without writing code, raised $ 2.5 million from Y Combinator, Village Global and others. Paragon's solution helps integrate with Stripe, Slack, Google Drive and other apps. The total amount of attracted investments by Paragon is $ 2.7 million.

• July 29, 2020. Hevo, which combines data from different client systems in one window to simplify the information analysis process, announced raising $ 8 million from Qualgro, Chiratae Ventures and others. Very often, financial, marketing and other company information is collected in different places, which complicates the analysis process. Hevo solves this problem without writing complex code. Hevo integrates with 150 different applications including Salesforce and Oracle.


• July 29, 2020. Brazilian company developing an AI solution to automate the process of creating an investment portfolio, Magnetis raised $ 11 million from Redpoint eventures and Vostok Emerging Finance. Magnetis has $ 81 million under management. According to the company's forecasts, this figure will reach $ 190 million by 2021.

• July 30, 2020. A startup that is developing a platform for automating the accounting process, Candis, received € 12 million in investments from Viola Ventures, Rabo Frontier Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners and others. The main clients of Candis are small and medium-sized businesses. The startup has grown by 500% since 2018.

Communication Tools

• July 30, 2020. Siilo, a messenger developer for healthcare professionals, raised $ 10.5 million from VC Heal Capital, Philips Health Technology Venture Fund, and EQT Ventures. On the platform, doctors can share experiences and discuss patient cases without violating the standards for the exchange of medical information. Siilo has 450 thousand users. The total amount of attracted investments of the company is $ 16.4 million.

Medium deals (from $ 15 million to $ 75 million)


• July 28, 2020., a startup that analyzes sales calls using artificial intelligence, raised $ 45 million from Georgian Partners, Sozo Ventures and others. The startup solution connects to the audio and video calls of sales managers and analyzes everything that happens. After the call, the employee can download a summary of the call from the platform, where the points that should be paid attention are also highlighted. integrates with various video conferencing services (BlueJeans, WebEx, Zoom, and UberConference) as well as other client software.'s clients include GitLab, Zoom, Adobe, MongoDB, and Qualtrics.

Big Data

• July 28, 2020. ClimaCell, the developer of the AI-based weather forecasting platform, has announced raising $ 23 million from Pitango Growth and Square Peg Captial. The startup's decision helps companies whose business depends on weather conditions to make operational decisions. For example, ClimaCell may tell construction companies that they need to suspend crane operations due to high winds, or that the logistics company will take longer to deliver goods due to heavy rain. The total amount of attracted investments of ClimaCell is $ 100 million.


July 28, 2020. The company that develops smart medical devices for home use (thermometers, watches, etc.), Withings has raised $ 60 million from Glide Healthcare, IDinvest Partners, BNP Paribas Développement and others. The startup plans to use the attracted investments to develop B2B directions. The company was founded in 2008. In 2016, the company was bought by Nokia for almost $ 200 million, but then bought back by the founders and investors Withings.

Computer vision

• July 28, 2020. AI-startup offering a solution for analyzing customer behavior in stores, Advertima raised € 15 million ($ 17.3 million) from Fortimo Group. Advertima uses computer vision to understand customer interest in certain products. The information obtained can be used by brands when developing advertising materials. The total amount of attracted investments from Advertima is $ 26.1 million.

• July 28, 2020. Density, the creator of sensors for counting the number of people in the premises, announced raising $ 51 million from Kleiner Perkins, 01 Advisors, Upfront Ventures and others. Among the company's clients are offices, shops, factories, amusement parks, etc. Density is being used by Pepsi, Delta, Verizon, Uber, Marriot and ExxonMobi to understand which parts of the office are most busy.


• July 29, 2020. Education platform developer Toppr raised $ 46 million from Foundation Holdings, Kaizen Private Equity and others. Toppr offers real-time teacher classes, pre-recorded lessons and tests. The target audience of the company is schoolchildren. The total amount of attracted investments of Toppr is $ 92 million.


• July 29, 2020. Tempo, a home fitness company, announced that it has raised $ 60 million in Round B from Norwest Venture Partners, General Catalyst and others. Tempo Studio is a versatile home fitness studio that comes with a large touchscreen and all the necessary training equipment, including dumbbells and a barbell, and uses AI to evaluate exercise technique in real time. The cost of the Tempo device is $ 2,000 + $ 39 per month for access to training. Tempo's main competitor, the startup Mirror, was bought by Lululemon in June for $ 500 million.

Large deals ($ 75 + million)


• July 27, 2020. The developer of the telemedicine platform Ro announced it has raised $ 200 million from General Catalyst, FirstMark Capital and others at an estimated $ 1.5 billion. In addition to online consultations with doctors, drugs can be ordered on the platform. The total amount of attracted investments Ro - $ 376 million.

• July 29, 2020. The company that develops a platform for calling doctors at home, Heal, raised $ 100 million from Humana for an estimated $ 300 million. The cost of the visit is $ 159 (without insurance). Heal also offers online medical consultations. The total amount of attracted startup investments is $ 170 million.


• July 27, 2020. Non-animal collagen and elastin producer Geltor raised $ 91.3 million from CPT Capital, WTT Investment and others. Geltor products are used in the cosmetics, food and beverage industry. The total amount of attracted startup investments is $ 114.3 million.


• July 28, 2020. Traveloka, a company that develops a platform for purchasing tickets and hotel reservations, has announced raising $ 250 million from EV Growth and a number of unnamed investors. Traveloka was founded in 2012. The total amount of attracted investments is $ 1.2 billion.


• July 29, 2020. American FinTech startup Remitly raised $ 85 million from PayU, Owl Rock Capital, Stripes, and others for an estimated $ 1.5 billion. Remitly offers international transfers, bank deposits, cash withdrawals, etc. Over the year, the company's client base has grown by 200%. The total amount of attracted investments by Remitly is $ 505 million.

Electric Vehicles

• July 30, 2020. Chinese electric car maker Li Auto raised $ 1.1 billion in an IPO on the NASDAQ. Li Auto began shipping its electric SUV at the end of 2019 at a price of $ 46,800. The company's IPO valuation was $ 10 billion ($ 11.5 per share).


• July 30, 2020. Line Man Thai food delivery service raised $ 110 million from BRV Capital Management. Line Man is a subsidiary of LINE Corp (Japanese messenger). Line Man also announced a merger with restaurant appraisal service Wongnai Media, which has 400,000 locations on the platform. Line Man plans to enter 15 new markets in Thailand.

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