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Transcriptic (M&A with 3Scan)

Strateos automates chemistry, biology, and tissue analysis into closed loop robotic labs that accelerate drug discovery programs. Through a combination of best-in-class robotics and control systems, advanced software for imaging and analytics, and remote cloud laboratories, we enable our pharmaceutical partners to more rapidly and efficiently discover new drug candidates.

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BoxC Logistics, Inc. is a startup company founded in 2013, and was a part of Batch 6 of 500 Startups in Mountain View, CA. World trade is more interconnected than ever before and will continue to grow substantially in the future. Our mission is to solve the numerous cross-border e-commerce problems that arise from international trading.



At Kiddology, we design and develop healthy interactive tablet games that will help inspire potential within your children. Children will not only enjoy our games, they will be encouraged to participate in the lifelong journey enjoyment of learning and reading within them.


AllCann (M&A with Spacecode)

Powerful – Flexible – Compliant
Our unique software covers all 3 verticals of the medicinal cannabis industry: Growers, Clinics and Dispensaries. It enables a company to manage the entire process: from receiving a prescription, growth of a particular strain, processing delivery orders ensuring that your company is complying with all government regulations. We also offer solutions for managing your dispensary.

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People all over the world use Clipstar to make videos - Vlogging, Singing, Performing, Beauty, Dancing, Acting, Comedy, Pranks, Short films, Babies, Animals, Traveling, Inspiration, Life, School, Educational, Sports and much more - Subscribe to amazing creators it’s a new way to experience the world 3 minutes at a time.

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When you add your Personal and Commercial insurance policies to Givesurance, you receive up to 5% of your payment as a donation credit. You can view all your policies in one dashboard and receive notifications whenever there is an opportunity to save money. Adding philanthropy to insurance, a giving-back model from great companies like Tom’s Shoes and Warby Parker.

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Eve was forged to answer the question plaguing millions. Where is the best club tonight? In doing so, they learned the next problems users encountered upon arrival. Huge lineups, costly entrance fees and an overall poor experience.
Eve enables you to get an on-demand VIP experience at the hottest clubs in real-time.

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Dog lovers social network with over 2 million registered users and extensive feature set: product comparison, tips on care, local services, community, offline events, etc.


Beam Communications

Beam Platform creates a new environment where you are seamlessly connected with your team and peers, rapidly switching between text and voice communications, uninterrupted.

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CoinChange is your ultimate OTC crypto brokerage with dedicated 24/7 private wealth managers, no limits on transactions, minimal KYC requirements and instantaneous low fee trades.
The most reliable, innovative and cutting edge OTC trading desk with exclusive personal touch and limitless capabilities.



FLYSHOT is a mobile monetization engine that drives in-app transactions through deep-linked visual content published on any platform. Our customers see in-app conversions increase by 225%. We are first-in-industry to offer Cost Per Action (CPA) campaigns for social media content creators and facilitate fully-fledged campaigns on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Blog and very soon, the analog world (billboards/OOH ads).

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ITM House

​ITM House Inc is a multinational software development agency with venture product lab HQ in Toronto, Canada. ITM is constantly targeting more value for our partners, utilizing core expertise rooted in years of direct, front-line cross-functional teams with deep industry-specific knowledge.
ITM has a successful venture lab model providing product development for equity as well as interim-CTO and board governance services for pre-selected startups and legacy businesses ready to utilize existing assets to co-create new technology-enabled company.


Hyperion (M&A with Vanbex Group)

Hyperion is the world's first digital token marketplace to issue & trade security tokens alongside traditional cryptocurrencies. Hyperion leverages broker dealer and ATS licenses in the United States through its strategic ownership interests.

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