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Q: Codeigniter 2.0.4 library not found on Google App Engine I created an app in google app engine and I uploaded all the necessary libraries to google app engine so I could run my codeigniter project, however, when I try to run my codeigniter project on the google app engine it tells me "The specified library was not found. My google app engine codeigniter libraries: MY_Loader.php: CI =& get_instance(); $path = APPPATH.'libraries'; foreach (array(APPPATH, APPPATH.'libraries') as $i => $x) { if (file_exists($x. '/MY_Loader.php')) { require_once($x. '/MY_Loader.php'); } } if (file_exists(APPPATH.'/libraries/MY_Loader.php'))



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EBP Devis Et Facturation 2009 Crack othnkap

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